30 May 2012

English: Interview with Ramile (interview 5)

Ramila Guliyeva was born, grew up and found her love in Khojaly. They loved each other some years. They got married with their parent’s blessing. Ramila said that the happiest day inher life was her wedding day. Then Ramila’s son was born. “My husband wasmore philoprogenitive  than me. Hewas happy.”

 Then Ramila was pregnant again. The family was waiting secondchild with with sense of the same excitement and joy again. But..

Ramila was pregnant when the Khojaly war beganin 1992. They had left Khojaly with fear as all citizens of Khojaly.  Ramila comes bullet across, but butter hit her son who wastied to mother’s waist. But bullet also injured Ramila.  Her son died in herwaist. Her husband went back for o take vengeance on his enemy. Injured Ramilaheard that her husband was killed too. “there is no more
tragedy for women than it. I was turned out from my home. I lost my husband, my
little son, in addition I was injured.  Splinters have remained  still in my body. They have to removed.”

Ramileescaped from the war. They settled down in the Naftalan which was a smallresort city of Azerbaijan. After a few month her doughter  Zarifa was born. Zarifa is  only memorable by her husband. Ramila saysthat she bring up her daughter with a big painfully. Zarifa finished secondaryschool in Naftalan, then she was accepted university in Baku. Therefore, Zarifacame Baku with her daughter. Now they live in a one-room house.

Thesesplinters is dangerous for her health. She cures. She said that the only reasonher living is her daughter. She hopes that her daughter Zarifa will see andlive in Khojaly.

By Shahnaz Hasanova

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