26 May 2012

English: Interview with Nazila (interview 6)

Introduce yourelf
- My name is Nazila. I had a son and husband. Our economic conditions was normal. But
as you know, l beg now. My husband died in car crash. We were shaken by the news.
At that time, my son Ramin went to school. I worked as a housemaid. My son finished
secondary school in 1990 and went to military service in Goranboy where is borderland
with Armenia. Then war began. I was worry about my son. I did not hear from my son
so long time. There are some relatives in Towuz. I aksed them to looking for Ramin. I
found out that my son was wounded in the the battle of Khankendi and he was in hospital.
(crying). Now he can’t stand on his feet. I hate Armenians. Why did they do it to my unique
son? (continue crying). Now my son is disabled I group. His disability pension doesn’t
enough his medicine. I can’t do anything. I am old.

How did pass your childhood?- we are two sisters. My father was a teacher, therefore he taught us a lot of things.
I wanted to continue my education, but could not. At that time it was very difficult. My
grandfather died in the Great Patriotic War. War is as through my fate. Now l am over 60.
I have to stay by my son. I forget myself since my husband’s death. People around me as
through laugh me or pity for me

What do you think about war?
- l hate war. The cause of my present situation is war. Firstly Germans, then Armenians,
Russians. My son said that Russians help Armenia. He think that they fought against
Russia, no Armenia . l heard that Azerbaijan will begin war with Armenia as soon. I do
not war absolutely. Nevertheless, l hate Armenians, want to kill them. But I think that their
mother also would be like me. I suffer torments of war. Let me would be last one, nobody
suffers from war.

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