24 March 2012

English: Interview with Sevinc (interview 4)

My interlocutress Sevinj Musayeva was born in Aliagali village of Agdam in 1992. Since 1993 they have been living as refugee  in  Sogaverdilar village of Barda.She lost her uncle, cousin and her cousin’s husband in the war. “They are martyr for our country,  we are proud of them, although, we sadden. But it is so difficult to live as a refugee. “ - she said. Sevinj said that her parents talk about their house in Agdam. There was beautiful and good condition house with large yard. They live still in the tumble-down school house. She said that, who live in the tent are given new house, but government has not give us yet, because we live in the the tumble-down house.

Sevinj’s day begins thanking God. She thinks that days pass senseless and idle. She dallies  with household works and teach computer lesson to children. She is compelled to go city, because there is no internet access in her village. She loves reading books about poetry, dram. She takes book from school library and read it. She follow telecasts about family relations, although she doesn’t like watching TV a lot. Sevinj has a brother and a sister. Her sister doesn’t like studying. But her brother aims to accept university. They have not arable land. Income of family is her father’s salary.

Sevijs wants to be actress since childhood. She finished  school in village where they live. Her parents did not let her to apply for faculty that she had wanted. She applied for economy at their urgent request. “Universities did not matter for me” as he said.

After failure she didn’t lose hope. This year she will try to apply for university again.  she hopes work at school as a computer teacher, if she will not accepted university. “ I like school environnment, feel myself cusy. That is why, i think to work at the school. But i will try to study  art. “ Salary doesn’t matter for Sevinj, although she live difficulty.

She think positivly about future. “ I don’t lose my hopes, think that everything will be ok. It is so important to make right decision for it. I want to my children will be educated”. Sevinj plan to study, after 2-3 years getting married. “It is enough  i love him. It doesn’t matter where he works.” She is looking forward returning of Agdam...

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