13 March 2012

English: Interview with Seyyara (interview 3)

Seyyara Mammadova was born and grew up in Agdam the southwestern part of Azerbaijan. When she was 17 years old, her father let her marriage with head of kolkhoz who was rich. Her husband did not see her before wedding, just heard that she is dare-devil. Her husband lost first wife, that’s why he needed a wife for care his four children. Then Seyyare divorced. She has a son.
Now Seyyare reminds how and why they divorced? She spoke about the reasons of divorce, war, her son, present difficult situation. She said that, after some month of marriage, she had to go to Shusha to hospital. “It was first time I go out of our village. My husband took me to Shusha. I was second wife of him. His first wife died, I looked after his four children. I was five month pregnant. I was getting married when I was 16. My organism was so weak. “
Doctor wrote prescription and they left hospital. Her husband said: “stay in here, I am going to buy medicines and will back.”
“I was sitting on the bench and was waiting. Weather was getting cold and dark. Work hour finished. Doctors left hospital. But my husband didn’t return. Still three hours passed, but he didn’t back.  When last nurse was going to home, she sew me sitting on the bench.  She sked me why I am in there? I told her everything. She was Sona, who is Armenian. Weather was already darkness. She invited me to home. It was first time I have gone to Shusha, didn’t know anywhere, anybody.  For this, I accept her suggestion. But I didn’t want to stay in her home till morning. I wanted to go to my father’s house. At the night, Sona and her husband took me to my father by their car. I didn’t want to go to my husband’s house. Since that day, I have never back to my husband’s house.  Then I knew that when I was waiting him at the yard of hospital, he had gone to his “lover”.”
Seyyare remember Soma well. When she spoke about Sona, her face is expressed mix feeling include regret, love, disappointed. She said that, if she see Sona on the street, she knows her by her face. “At that time, she helped me so much. Imagine that, there is a girl sitting on the bench at the dark evening and she never had been in the out of her village. Sona and her family acquainted with my family.  Our family friendship relationship began. In summer they come to our village on the weekends. During war, the situation changed. I didn’t get any information about them.  “
Now Seyyare lives in Baki as a refugee. Her age is over the 50. She believes that, they will live with Armenians together.

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